Individualized College Admissions Counseling

Smart choices today for a bright future tomorrow!

College Admissions Counseling Services

Maryanne can provide assistance with:

  • Assessment & planning
  • Developing an individualized college list or confirming your choices 
  • Creation of organized timelines
  • Choosing your college
  • Essay preparation
  • Formalizing an activity sheet
  • Completing and submitting applications
  • What to look for on a college tour
  • Interview preparation
  • What to do when your application is deferred or wait-listed
  • Understanding the different types of financial aid

  • Students receive extensive information on all facets of the process, including a spreadsheet of select colleges with in-depth research tailored to their academic profiles., along with an assessment of their chance of acceptance.

Choose the full package or just the parts you need.

Reasonable rates. References available.